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Celine’s Kitchen has a dreamy panorama of the clear, turquoise waters and clear blue skies that adorn the walls of the restaurant.

Celine’s Kitchen is a humble tribute to the memory of my beloved grandmother, who was the epitome of tenderness and generosity. An exquisite cook, with magic in her fingers, Amama could convert even the most humble vegetable into an exotic dish. Her wide variety of recipes was like a magnet that drew friends and relatives to our home. A meal in our household was not just routine activity…but an event that was eagerly looked forward to. Every day, every meal, every dish was a treat in itself. She not only prepared tasty food, but also served it herself with great love and care. The ingredient that she used most in her kitchen was love … and that is what we promise to offer you in Celine’s Kitchen. This is an attempt to share with you the experience of tasting Amama’s cooking.